A flower girl is part of a wedding procession that who follows or precedes the bride and groom, as they all walk down the aisle toward the altar. Generally, a flower girl is a close relative or a friend of the bride and groom, and is aged between 4 and 8. She carries a bouquet of roses or a basket of flower petals, showering them on the floor as the wedding procession move along. Once the procession has reached the altar, the dress may choose to stay closely behind the bride and groom, or to go back in audience and be seated near to the stage.

It is not necessary that there be just one girl, several young girls can be bestowed with this role, and this is actually common at several elaborate weddings. The male partner of a girl is the page boy, and generally, the dress and page boy may be dressed to walk in the wedding procession as a couple, donned in similar versions of the bride’s and groom’s attire.

In choosing a girl, it is advisable to choose reasonably mature ‘little’ girls, who will not become overwhelmed or nervous during the wedding procession. That is the why the recommended age of a flower girl is between 4 to 8 years of age. As to who should be the flower girl or girls, the choice for some may be obvious, based on a close relationship to the bride and groom. Some couples may even have difficulty to select from a range of possible candidates, but as mentioned above, it is quite common to have more than one flower girl. In short, a girl or flower girls should appear to be confident and excited, enjoying their part and adding to the beauty of the wedding occasion.

In order to prepare a girl to play her role, one can coach her and make her rehearse it before the wedding day. Additionally, in order to maintain her confidence, one may request that her parents to be seated closer to the front or one may ask a bridesmaid to walk closely with her. Other than these few ways, it is quite alright to let the flower girl to be her natural self.

Traditionally, the attire for the girl was provided by the families of the bride and groom. Recently, however the trend has changed, and it is expected of the flower girl’s parents to pay for her costume as well as any other expenses involved in her participation in the wedding procession.

This leads us to the issue of how a flower girl should be dressed. Generally, a girl is attired in a miniature version of the bride’s own dress, or a white dress, with exquisite embroidery in different colors. In order to avoid too much hassle and expense, it is advisable that girl wears a comfortable dress, either plain or colored, with a touch of elegance and beauty, that blends in well with the ambiance at the wedding venue.

It may be mentioned here that if a girl is not comfortable wearing a dress, you can choose a pair of formal pants for that match well with the bride’s own dress.

Finally, we talk briefly about where you can purchase an outfit for the girl. There are several varieties of these available at many bridal shops or departmental stores. And if you are constrained by cost, there are even outlets that offer flower girl dresses for cheaper prices or at special discounts. Additionally, you can even search for girl dresses online; several on-line stores offer the same variety of style and colors in girl dresses as retail outlets or departmental stores do.

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