When you have trained 140000 in 25 years, you get to be the best SAT preparation institute. SAT is an internationally approved standardised test conducted by the College Board. Students wishing to join colleges in the US and other foreign countries need to show their SAT scores to get admission.

Two sections in new SAT

As per the syllabus for SAT 2018, the paper is of two sections – SAT Reasoning Test (SAT) and SAT Subject Test. Both follow different patterns to test skills of candidates. SAT Is taken by students who are in their junior and senior school years. So, you have tests of an equivalent standard. The total duration of this test is 3 hours. One may also take an optional essay part. If you opt to attempt the Essay, you get extra 50 minutes. Begin to study after you decide on your schedule for best SAT preparation possible.

Total number of questions in the SAT Reasoning Test is 154 questions. Those that opt for the essay will have one more question to answer, namely the essay. The sections in the SAT Reasoning Test include Reading Test, Evidence Based Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Writing and Language Test. This test has mainly objective type of questions.

Make a plan first

To do well in SAT you need a plan, a plan that works. Striking the balance is the right way to go. One must not put in too much effort and neglect your regular school work. Try to make a schedule that gets you through in 8 weeks. You need about 120-140 hours of preparation. This means you must prep for SAT at least for 80-90 minutes each day. See how much you do in one day and then adjust your schedule.

Question paper break up

The new SAT exam has two sections – SAT Reasoning Test or SAT and SAT Subjects Test. The total marks will be 1600. The average score is 1060. The two sections Math and Evidence Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) have 800 marks each. Also, you don’t have negative marking in SAT.

Writing: You have a short essay and multiple choice questions to find errors and improve grammar usage. You have 35 minutes for 44 questions.

Critical Reading: This has many reading passages and sentence completions. You have three subsections. You have 65 minutes for 52 questions.

Mathematics: This includes questions on Algebra, Arithmetic Operations, Probability, Statistics, and Geometry.

In the old SAT, you had 70 minutes to answer 67 questions in Critical Reading. In the new SAT, you have 65 minutes to answer 52 questions. In essay, the time has increased from 25 minutes to 50 minutes. Make a note of your SAT prep centres and fix one that is nearest to your house. See whether they offer computer tests or paper tests.

The international coaching institutes have branches in India, Singapore, Nepal, and UAE. Choose to begin study well in advance and don’t wait for the last hour. More preparation will help you achieve a better score and get more options when it comes to picking a university to study.

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